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Stanchion SGL

Stanchion SGL

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A stand alone option this round tubular stanchion facilitates the overall work space to expand. It will effortlessly integrate a variety of optional tools, equipment and fixtures. Items such as Swivel Trays, Lighting, Magnifiers, Protective Shields, Tablet and Phone Holder.

As shown in photo this product includes a CNC machined base made from solid steel material (Not Cast). Precise tolerance allows for a perfect fit onto walnut surface of STAYXION work top along with a snug fit for the inner bore diameter. The stanchion post  mates with accurate alignment and stability. Slightly tighten the incorporated set screw to secure in place. Includes Alan-Wrench Key

Note: There is NO NEED of over tightening set screw. It will result in striping of threads and damage to stanchion post.  

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